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His popularity is indicative of the country's racial polarization. Three years after Jacob Zuma resigned in disgrace as president, he remains at the center of South African politics. When Zuma was arrested in July for refusing to testify before a corruption inquiry, nationwide protests turned violent and left more than 300 people dead. NPR's Eyder Peralta traveled to Durban in Zuma's home province to report on his enduring popularity and what it means. EYDER PERALTA, BYLINE: The streets of Durban are one of Jacob Zuma's strongholds. Durban is one of the places where protests against his arrest this summer turned into violent riots. Everyone I spoke to here liked Zuma - a teacher who went to college for free because of his policies, an unlicensed fruit seller who could work without being bothered by police, and this 40-year-old self-proclaimed hustler.

Eighty percent of 1,258 respondents agreed that remote procedures give the same confidence as onsite audits while 79 percent said that they would like to see continued or increased use of remote activities in the future. More than 90 percent felt that a substantial increase in remote techniques will stimulate the use of new processes and almost all agreed to some extent that technologies and alternative techniques should be used. Benefits to remote working include reduced travel time and costs, efficient use of time during assessment, and a reduced carbon footprint. While the organizations admitted it was uncertain what the so-called new normal will look like, it was clear that some degree of remote working will remain for many industries. “The survey indicates a huge level of support for remote techniques, a clear understanding of the benefits and a desire to see these methods adopted more widely. Enthusiasm for new means of delivering audits, assessments and evaluations is clear and we will work hard to continue to evolve the support for all those who use and benefit from certification, accreditation and standards,” said Xiao Jianhua, IAF chair. Organizations such as accreditation and conformity assessment bodies now provide services such as certification, inspection and testing and related accreditation activities remotely. If there are no further pandemic restrictions, 60 percent consultant would prefer blended audits, assessments or evaluations; 19 percent preferred fully remote and 21 percent wanted to continue onsite. Almost three quarters were satisfied with their remote experience, a quarter were somewhat satisfied, and just 4 percent said they were dissatisfied.

Home More News Food Security Task Force Releases Findings, Recommendations, and FEED DSM Initiative Food Security Task Force Releases Findings, Recommendations, and FEED DSM Initiative DES MOINES, IOWA – Monday, November 1, 2021 – The Des Moines Food Security Task Force established by the City Council has issued a final report, key recommendations, and resources for the community following an initial eight-month effort to address food insecurity through urban farming and promotion of local food production. The Task Force’s work has culminated in several recommendations to enhance or improve City policies and regulations related to food security and food access. Key recommendations include, but are not limited to: Expanding definitions for urban agricultural practices to reflect the diversity of approaches to urban growing and raising food locally Removing fencing and other ancillary structure requirements for gardens that can prevent people from growing their own food Allowing the sale of produce and products onsite for urban farms and community gardens, and Simplifying the use of structures that can expand my site the length of the growing season, like hoop and greenhouses. The Task Force has also recommended consideration and adoption of two resolutions. One resolution would address food security, by setting aggressive, but achievable goals to produce food locally, and another that would protect the right of the public to forage for food on public lands throughout Des Moines. City Council will now work with the City staff to determine the feasibility of these recommendations and how to best implement them. Changes to municipal code will be voted on in a future City Council meeting. The Task Force’s work also included the creation of an initiative called Food Equity and Education for Des Moines – or FEED DSM, an ever-evolving web-based platform to connect people with the knowledge, resources, and relevant regulations to help them successfully grow food, raise animals, and forage throughout the city. FEED DSM’s initial focus is on five key areas: Structures, Tools, and Resources – how to find tools, supplies water, and other resources Land Access & Soil Quality – where to grow, where to find soil and amendments, and how to avoid soil contamination Raising & Processing Animals – how to raise animals and insects you for food or production