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He would team up with his former high school teammates at Peoria Manual, Sergio McClain and Frank Williams. While Griffin was great for the Illini, he didn’t have to be the star on the team. In his final season with the Orange and Blue, Williams led the program while Griffin still managed to put up 11.3 points, 6 rebounds, and 1 assist per game. This was an Illinois team that was the No. 1 seed in the NCAA tournament and would get to the Elite 8. Feliz and Griffin both were impactful transfers into the Illinois basketball program. They both elevated the team to great heights. That is what I see Plummer doing as well. Plummer is coming into the Illini program after putting up big numbers in his sophomore campaign at Utah.


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9812 - Figure 1 For example, higher shares of younger adults reported symptoms of anxiety and depression as well as difficulty paying for usual household expenses. In addition, higher shares of women reported symptoms of depression or anxiety and difficulty paying usual household expenses in the past seven days compared to men. Across most measures, adults with children in their household fared worse compared to overall adults. For example, 22.0% of adults with children in the household experienced loss of employment income in the household in the last four weeks compared to 17.4% of adults overall, and six in ten (59.7%) adults with children in the household reported difficulty paying for household expenses in the past week compared to the overall population of 50.9%. Adults in households with children were also more likely to report food insufficiency, symptoms of depression or anxiety, and no confidence in ability to make next month’s housing payment than the general population. Patterns of hardship over time indicate both effects of the pandemic and related policies as well as longstanding disparities in social determinants of health. Data indicate the shares of people experiencing hardships peaked in December 2020 but have otherwise remained largely stable (Figure 2). Trends across all measures have improved since December 2020, reaching lows during the pandemic in March and April 2021, likely reflecting the roll-out of the COVID-19 vaccines and new federal funding available during that period. However, differences in rates of hardship among certain populations has remained largely stable throughout the pandemic and to some extent reflect longstanding disparities that existed even before the pandemic. Still, understanding these disparities in the context of heightened levels of need over the past year highlights these differences and who may benefit most from government assistance.


Art McDonald Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his cabinet instead effectively suspended McDonald by placing him on administrative leave right before the election, saying Eyre would continue to serve as acting defence chief for the time being. “I am quite disappointed that my exoneration has not seen my return to duty,” McDonald writes in his letter, a copy of which was obtained by The Canadian Press. “Instead, now two months since the investigation conclusions were disclosed, the process underway to bring the situation to a close remains unknown to me. This leaves me concerned whether this unknown process will respect the due process assumed to underpin military, public service, and Canadian culture generally.” McDonald goes on to say that he only learned the results of the investigation through the media, and that no one from Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan's office - or anyone else within the military or the Department of National Defence - have contacted him. “Likewise, my own efforts to initiate a private dialogue beginning with the prime minister have been rebuffed save for a staffer's delaying response,” he added. The former Royal Canadian Navy commander, who served only five weeks as Canada's top military commander before stepping aside due to the police investigation, argues that with the investigation over, the principles of due process require his reinstatement as defence chief - or at least a discussion about his future. “Since February, many have rightly emphasized the need for procedural fairness for all involved,” he said. “They've stressed that, without due process for everyone, we are left only with witch hunts that are not conducive to culture change.” McDonald's letter to senior commanders appears to be part of a public-relations strategy that includes targeted interviews with select media aimed at pressuring the Liberal government into reinstating him or negotiating some other type of agreement. Yet the letter did not sit well with Eyre, who responded with his own message to the top brass on Friday in which he described McDonald's missive as “shocking” and affirmed his intention to continue serving as Canada's top military commander until the government says otherwise.